We have been working for 10+ years creating custom 3D molecular models. If you don’t see your favorite protein in our online store, we would be happy to design a custom model in any size or color.

Some molecules are easier to 3D-print than others. Depending on the size, structure, and desired material, some secondary structural elements (like rings and cylinders) can be added to increase overall strength and durability.

Send us a Protein Data Bank (PDB) ID with a description of your audience and purpose, and we can design a custom model in full color sandstone or monochrome nylon plastic. We accept numerous 3D file formats, including vrml and stl. We can also print sessions saved from many popular molecular viewers.

We’ve made many custom models for Researchers around the globe. Check out the video below of a recent custom model we made for Dr. Mansun Law at the Scripps Research Institute. We incorporated magnets to represent the antibody/epitope binding of Fab AR3C to Hepatitis C envelope protein, E2. We also made the green glycans detachable via magnets to help visualize virus’s glycan shield. To visualize the virus’s variable regions, we made flexible wire loops that can be molded and shaped by the user.

MOLTOYS – 3D Printed Model of Hepatitis C Virus from MOLTOYS on Vimeo.

Other custom models: